♀ Day to Night: Striped Suit



One of the biggest problems I have is picking out a day and night appropriate outfit when I have a full day of fun times! However taking an outfit like like this from day time to night time is fairly straight forward because the main focus of your outfit, the suit can stay on whilst you switch out day-time accessories for night-time accessories.

Here I have chosen to play around with 3 main items to take my outfit from day to night.


Return of the rudeboy

Whilst the price of pretty much every leisurely commodity in London bubbles – fuelled by a putrid concoction of gentrification, international land grabbing, and an almost daily schedule of 'exotic' street food festivals or roof-top parties – one could always find solace in two things: free exhibitions and £7 haircuts.



glasses: Spitfire

I'm all about unique prescription glasses at the moment. I think that they can instantly change up your look. If you are short-sighted like me and you don't need to wear glasses all the time, it's a great accessory rather than necessity.

I find the offerings in 'well known' high street opticans to be quite generic looking and then the online offering are often of cheap quality. 

The best way to get unique and quality glasses are to buy them from an independent brand (mine are from Spitfire) and get your prescription lens fitted (reglazed) elsewhere. I got my done when I lived in Korea where it's so affordable and easy to do so. However in the UK the well known opticians are reluctant to offer this service, but upon researching I have found a few online companies offering reglazing services. Check them out here, here and here

Something tells me that independently owned opticians will offer this service too but I haven't found one yet.

Of course if you are into wearing non-prescription glasses, then everything I have written so far is...well...a waste of time.

Here are some cool brands to get unique/trendy  frames from 1,2 3.

Lolli x


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I'm a self confessed Instagram junkie, it's one of my first stops on my iPhone in the morning's.
Rather than just liking millions of photos, i'm also trying to post more and more on instagram so check out my instagram account @lollilewis for #selfies, recent buys, recent travel, food etc! 


Summer Shades

all Asos brand, apart from the red pair which are River Island but still via ASOS


So summer is finally and officially here and I just have to lump it (re: Shade of Camel). Sunglasses have become an all year round thing for me. I may seem like a complete pleb wearing sunglasses in the height of winter but trust me it completes 95% of my outfits. 
Above are the glasses have acquired in the lead up to summer (apart from the all black ones - they are 2 years old).
My favourite shape for glasses is the cat-eye, I am also partial to mirrored lens and the two combined makes for fierce summer eyewear.  

I got this cool display idea from Connected To Fashion.

Lolli x


How To Get The Most Of The Summer Sales

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I am a avid believer in not buying anything full price unless its 100% necessary or already a bargain. This is simply because to me 80% of items are not worth the original price. Also majority of the items I am drawn to in-store/online almost always reach the sale (besides this beauty! grrrr).

So here are my tips to getting the most of this summer sales.