♀ Day to Night: Striped Suit

                                                                         ph. by Onyxsta

One of the biggest problems I have is picking out a day and night appropriate outfit when I have a full day of fun times! However taking an outfit like like this from day time to night time is fairly straight forward because the main focus of your outfit, the suit can stay on whilst you switch out day-time accessories for night-time accessories.

Here I have chosen to play around with 3 main items to take my outfit from day to night.

Day Trainers are prefect during the day time because the are comfortable and you won't run the risk of blisters by the time the sun sets. Depending on what you are doing during the day you may want to wear a different pair of shoes. If you are going to work then a pointy flat, like this will do.
Night As this suit is very much 'out here', I opted for these simple black stroppy heels from New Look, it gives me that going out feel whilst maintaining comfort - seriously these are SO comfy!

Day During the day time you will need a bigger bag to store your night-time items so you can slip into them later. This bag is from ASOS and it's very roomy so you can pack it full of your night time necessities.
Night This Zara bag is a perfect night time bag, small enough to not be a burden but big enough to fit your phone, keys, ID and purse.
I would leave my day-time bag at my office and pick it up the next day or in the cloakroom of the venue I am heading to (don't forget to pick it up at the end of the night).

Day I went for a grey short sleeved top from Monki, because it gave me the casual vibe I need for daytime.
Night Camisole tops are prefect for the night time, loose and breathable.
Also ditch the blazer if it gets too hot.